Antique Tin Box with Lead Soldiers

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Product Description

In years gone by a set of lead soldiers would have been a longed-for gift for young boys all over the world and provide them with endless hours of fun recreating battles…


This attractive antique tin box stands on small feet, is beautifully decorated on all sides and originally had a key but sadly this is missing now.  Inside there are two sets of lead soldiers.  One is a marching band, the other are in battle.


There are 19 members of the band and these stand approximately 7cm high.  They are playing a variety of instruments from the trumpet to the bass drum.


There are 29 battle soldiers in various poses, some at the cannon, others with rifles or hand guns.  These are slightly smaller at approximately 5cm.


This would make a great gift for ‘boys’ of all ages.  An unusual gift for Valentine’s Day.


The condition of the box is good with just a few scratches here and there.  The condition of the soldiers is fair –  the lead is quite soft and so some are bent and others have some parts missing.  A few have been painted while others are bare.   Please examine the photos for more detail.


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