Large Salvaged Vintage Sign Letters – Letter ‘I’ SOLD

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Product Description

These blue and white letters were reclaimed from the sign on the front of a factory.


In original and untouched condition – with peeling blue paint revealing the steel beneath.

 The white front is made of perspex which would have been illuminated.


Please note condition varies from letter to letter.   The letters may be slightly twisted and the perspex may be a little loose inside the frame.  However, for those wanting the genuine salvaged item, this will define these from mass-produced letters which are available.


A great decorative item – can stand alone or be hung on a wall.


Letters currently available are L, U, I (x 3), C, G, B, D (x 2), S, N.  Possible words include Sing, Sung, Bling, Sun…etc.


Nice large size – 42cm high, 19cm wide.  Depth is approx 9 cm.


This price is for one letter only - ‘I’  Other letters are available to form words or initials…


If you live outside of the United Kingdom and are interesting in buying this item, please email us and we will be happy to obtain a postage estimate for you.

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