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Ashby Aero Salvage Interiors – bringing History into your Home

The designer William Morris once said ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful'. ...and that’s excellent advice to offer!  At Ashby Interiors, we believe that we can go one step further with our Ashby Aero Salvage Interiors.   Many of our products have the additional excitement of coming to you with history and a fascinating story to tell.   Take for example, the Piston Liner Cylinder Light we sold recently.  This light is made using genuine aero salvage from a Spitfire Merlin…

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Now Fitting Restored Art Deco Lighting with Screw in Bulb Fittings

At Ashby Interiors we like to listen to our customers.  We specialise in restored Art Deco Opaline Glass lighting and usually install bayonet fittings into our pendant lights.  However, we have had several requests recently for screw in bulbs.   We are all looking to reduce the cost of our utility bills and If you are looking at lower energy/longer life bulbs for your pendant light, these are most often sold with a screw-in fitting.   Most of our lighting is restored to our customer specifications, so wherever possible, we…

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Star Wars Cantina Lamp – a unique piece of Aviation Aero Salvage

 We were so excited to learn that a Rolls-Royce Derwent engine which we had bought was the exact same type as that used for props in the original Star Wars film.   The ingenious set creators had stripped down a Rolls-Royce Derwent engine and used the beautifully sculptural components to make items such as the light sabre, the head of the Assassin Droid IG-88 and the optic-type receptacles behind the bar in the Cantina scene.   We decided to create a Cantina-style lamp using the exact same part of the…

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A Five Minute Guide to Art Deco

If you have visited our site, you may have noticed that many items are described as Original Art Deco.  Some people are more than familiar with what Art Deco is all about.  Others have heard of it but may not be clear what it is so I thought it would be useful to give you a very brief guide to answer the question - what is Art Deco?   What does Art Deco Mean?   Art deco refers to a revolutionary movement in Decorative Arts, Architecture and Design.  So, there…

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Now Selling with Vinterior – a Vintage, Mid Century & Antique Online Market Place

At Ashby Interiors we are very proud of our online shop and the unique collection of items which we sell.   However, we recognise that it’s important to join forces with others and in doing so become part of something bigger.  So we were really excited when we were approached by London-based online market place Vinterior.  Vinterior carefully select online sellers whose products blend seamlessly into their range of high quality Vintage and Antique interiors – furniture, lighting and decorative items.   With a particularly fabulous range of Mid Century…

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