A Patriotic find – Union Jack & Heraldry Shields from Leicester

shieldWe recently acquired some really interesting and exciting new stock!


A batch of 14 shields decorated with patriotic Union Jacks and English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish emblems. Made of plaster and with a painted and gilded finish these are unique and beautiful decorative items.

We are told that the union jack shields – of which there are six – were made ready for the coronation of King George V in 1911. There is a label on the reverse of one which has a date of 1910. The others may be from more recent coronations. The whole batch were found in the attic space of the British United Shoe Machinery Company Social Club in nearby Leicester. This company was a huge employer in Leicester and the social club played a large part in the lives of the employees and their families. The company operated from 1899 to 2000. The shields were wrapped in brown paper and covered in a thick layer of dust. What is great is that they are untouched and generally in good condition.

We certainly consider ourselves to be patriotic, proud to be British and proud of our royal heritage which makes these items very special to us. See the items individually for sale in our online shop.

The whole batch is listed as follows –

6 x large Union Jack shields

1 x large Royal Arms Shield (Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom)

1 x Scottish Thistle

1 x Welsh Dragon

2 x English Tudor Rose

1 x Union Flag and Ulster Banner of Northern Ireland

and yes, we have kept one for ourselves – well there has to be some perks to this job!

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