Antique Wall Lights

Antique Wall Lights

Antique wall lights, steeped in history and elegance, effortlessly transport us to bygone eras where craftsmanship and timeless beauty reigned supreme. These exquisite fixtures, adorned with intricate details and ornate designs, evoke a sense of nostalgia while infusing any space with an enchanting aura. From the gilded opulence of Victorian sconces to the sleek lines of Art Deco wall lights, each antique piece tells a story and adds a touch of vintage allure to contemporary interiors. As the soft glow emanates from these captivating luminaries, they serve as both functional sources of light and captivating works of art, showcasing the impeccable artistry of eras long past.

If your looking for some reasons to get some antique wall lights, then allow Ashby Interiors to enlighten you with multiple great light styles to choose from it can be quite hard to choose so allow us to show you some of the benefits of antique wall lights.


At Ashby Interiors, authenticity is key. They take great care to ensure that all of their antique wall lights are genuine and of the highest quality. They source their pieces from reputable dealers and take great care to restore and refurbish each piece to ensure that it’s in excellent condition. You can trust that when you purchase an antique wall light from Ashby Interiors, you’re getting a genuine piece that has stood the test of time.

Expertise and Knowledge

The team at Ashby Interiors is made up of experts in the field of antique lighting, including antique wall lights. They have extensive knowledge of the various periods and styles of antique lighting and are always happy to share their expertise with their customers. They can provide advice and guidance on selecting the perfect piece for your home, as well as offer insights into the history and provenance of each piece.

Wide Selection

Ashby Interiors offers a wide selection of antique wall lights, from Victorian to Mid-Century Modern styles. They have pieces in a variety of materials, including brass, copper, and glass, and in a range of finishes, such as polished or patinated. With such a broad selection, you’re sure to find a piece that fits your style and taste.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is a top priority at Ashby Interiors. They strive to provide excellent service to each and every customer, from helping you select the perfect piece to answering any questions you may have to ensuring that your purchase arrives safely and on time. They also offer a no-hassle return policy, so you can shop with confidence knowing that if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can easily return it.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Ashby Interiors is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable practices. They believe in preserving the past for future generations and are passionate about giving new life to vintage and antique lighting fixtures. By choosing to shop at Ashby Interiors, you’re not only getting a beautiful antique wall light for your home, but you’re also supporting a company that cares about the environment and sustainability.

Antique wall lights are not only beautiful and unique, but they also have historical significance. Each piece tells a story of a bygone era and adds character and charm to any room in your home. They are a testament to the craftsmanship and skill of their makers, and their timeless designs continue to inspire and influence designers today.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for authentic antique wall lights, Ashby Interiors is the perfect choice. With their wide selection, expertise, commitment to customer service, and sustainability, you can trust that you’ll find the perfect piece for your home. Antique wall lights are a beautiful and timeless way to add character and charm to any room in your home, and by choosing to shop at Ashby Interiors, you’re investing in a piece of history that will bring joy and beauty to your home for years to come. Visit our store to find the wall light for you.

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