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piston liner lightThe designer William Morris once said ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’. …and that’s excellent advice to offer!  At Ashby Interiors, we believe that we can go one step further with our Ashby Aero Salvage Interiors.   Many of our products have the additional excitement of coming to you with history and a fascinating story to tell.


Take for example, the Piston Liner Cylinder Light we sold recently.  This light is made using genuine aero salvage from a Spitfire Merlin engine which flew during World War II.  As it crashed off the Dorset Coast in 1940, the pilot luckily bailed out and this aircraft lay submerged on the sea bed until it was recovered over 40 years later.


Much of the aircraft and engine had eroded away but part of the engine and two of the propellers were buried beneath the seabed and partially protected.  The propellers have been used in a Spitfire restoration project and the engine…well it was difficult to know what to do with it. it was certainly no display piece.  However, the sea water had produced the most beautiful Verdigris-like patina on the piston liners and we decided to create simple and unique cylinder lights from them.  Illuminated with an Edison bulb, they are an eye-catching piece of history.


 We like to send as much documentation on each piece we sell from our Ashby Aero Salvage Interiors range and feedback from our customers confirms that this is a very important part of their purchase.


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