Ashby Aero Wall Art – Unique Abstract Designs featuring Aero Salvage and Acrylic

image7 pRecently we were asked if we could produce some mixed media wall art featuring pieces of genuine aero salvage.  It was an exciting idea and one we were keen to explore.


This is our first piece which features a dark and moody sea green background in acrylic paint.  The pieces we selected for this painting were a set of WWII era propeller thrust bearings.  These were lightly cleaned but left in original condition.  These are made largely of phosphor bronze which is a perfect match for the dark blue green.  The end result is symmetrical,  eye-catching and simple.  Ideal for aviation enthusiasts yet subtle enough to blend into any décor.


The painting is on a solid, canvas-covered board and has been given a coat of preservative lacquer to help protect the surface and prevent colour loss.


This piece has been named BEARING CURVE.  The blue green background is so reminiscent of the sea that it bought to mind The Bering Straits.  Obviously, these pieces aren’t straight…it was an appropriate name that made us smile!


Choosing the next piece was fun, it’s already in hand but I’m not going to spoil the surprise just yet…


If you would like a customised piece of Aero Wall Art, we would love to hear from you.  We can customise a piece just for you choosing from our large stock of interesting aero spares and working to your bespoke design and colour scheme.

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