Can a Machine Gun be a Piece of Art?

Well we think that it can. What better way to display this WWII Browning .50 Cal M2 Heavy Machine Gun Relic than to mount it vertically on a heavy base as a tribute to the key role that this gun and its operators played in the Second World War.

.50 cal Browning machine gun

This gun is a relic and was recovered from a crashed B17 Flying Fortress.  Inside the gun itself was a use case that has a date stamp of 1944 – this dates the crash site to approximately 1944/45.

The gun was severely damaged and has been turned into a unique sculptural piece.  Mounted vertically onto a steel plate with empty shells and clips fastened to the base.  There is no mechanism inside the gun so we have made a wooden internal piece and placed an inert bullet inside the breach.

This item was originally supplied to us with a letter from the police deeming it to be damaged beyond any possible military use.  However, we have had this item officially deactivated and have the paperwork with the item.

This piece can be seen in our showroom in Melbourne, Derby. It really does attract plenty of attention from visitors.

Height 143cm.  Diameter of base 35cm.

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