Cant Decide? Ways we Can Help You Shop happy!

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It’s human nature to change our mind – FACT!   Everyone likes to ponder especially when we are spending money.  We want to make the right decision which isn’t easy when we are almost drowning in a sea of choices!

So, here are a few ways we can hopefully make this process a little less painful – maybe even enjoyable..

Do you want more photos of the item or more information on size or weight?

Ring or email us!  We will happily send you more photos and measurements.

Maybe you have a question about the item? 

Shout up! I was recently asked if an engineering item we were selling had any obnoxious oily smell to it.   I was happy to put my nose to it and take a good long  sniff (it didn’t).

Are you worried that the item you have looked at every evening and lunchtime for the past week may sell before you can commit to it? 

We will happily mark an item as reserved for a few days while you decide.

What if you decide it’s not right for you when it arrives?

We will happily give you a full refund on the purchase price (minus the postage) and would just ask that you contact us and return the item undamaged within 14 days.

Did you want to visit and browse our stock?

Whilst we do not have a shop open to the public, we are happy to arrange an appointment for you to visit us and browse our stock.

Hopefully, we are making online shopping a little easier for you!


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