Carbon Footprint In the Spotlight – Upcycling & Remade in Britain

Spotlight on antiques and our carbon footprint

Ashby Interiors is now also selling our products on Remade in Britain which is a really interesting site where you can buy recycled and upcycled quirky items.  It also contains lots of good ideas on how to recycle your own unwanted items, learn new creative skills as well as becoming more environmentally aware

If you are taking the time to browse our site then I’m assuming that you like your interiors to be a bit different from what is on offer on most local high streets.  But had it occurred to you that pretty much everything we sell is not just salvaged, restored or antique but carries the added bonus of reducing your carbon footprint?

A large percentage of our carbon footprint is caused by the products we use.  Put simply, if you bought a new wooden table, your purchase brings with it the carbon footprint accumulated by the item from the moment the tree was felled, transported, manufactured and then transported again possibly thousands of miles…especially for you! Now compare that to a second hand/vintage/antique table.  You can see where I’m going with this!

If you wanted to find out more about your carbon footprint, there’s lots of information online. Follow this link to an article written by Winchester Action on Climate Change which I found offered some simple ideas

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