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Is it a Cherub or Putti…or Cupid?

We have quite a number of lights which feature cherubs and they have proved to be as popular this year in interior design as they have for centuries.  But what actually is a Cherub and why are they so popular? The winged forms represent innocence, peace and beauty. Ever-present in church architecture because they are believed to be attendants of God… Cherubs are also associated with romance – mainly due to the similarity with Cupid – the Roman God of Love… never without his little bow and arrow.. When we…

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We have been extremely busy working away on a new website over the last few weeks and are excited to go live in the next day or so. Why have we decided to have a new website? Well, our old one was five years old and was in much need of a revamp. We have taken feedback from our lovely customers in assessing what was important and came away with the following points. Speed was the number one comment. Our new site will be fast to load images and items…

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Ashby Interiors own Lighting Designs

As you know, we love sourcing, restoring and selling lighting from the Art Deco period. This is where our heart is... However, it can be difficult to meet customer demands when it comes to volume. Martin has a manufacturing background and was keen to explore how we could design and manufacture lighting and thereby expand our range. Basing our designs on classic examples and customer favourites we have produced a small range of shades which we are excited to share with you. The emphasis as always is quality. Our powder-coated…

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When Drew Pritchard came to Visit Ashby Interiors

  I don’t know if I mentioned it...but we are on the TV later tonight (27 March 2019)  - 9pm Salvage Hunters with Drew Pritchard on Quest. It’s an exciting night for us because we have worked extremely hard, building our business over the last five years so the day that Drew, Tee and the Salvage Hunter’s crew came to visit Ashby Interiors last December really was a brilliant day for us. If you watch the show you will know that Drew really is at the top of his game…

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Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricane Merlin Crank Shaft

This Hawker Hurrican Crank Shaft is a unique and rare item of aviation history. Originally from a genuine Battle of Britain Hurricane –  serial no. P3708 coded DT-E.  This Hawker Hurricane flew with 257 Sqn.   On 18th August 1940, after 4 successful missions, this plane was on its last flight of the day when it succumbed to enemy fire.  Luckily the pilot bailed out and escaped with minor injuries.  The aircraft crashed in the south of England taking heavy impact which is reflected in the buckled shape of the crank.…

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A Patriotic find – Union Jack & Heraldry Shields from Leicester

We recently acquired some really interesting and exciting new stock!   A batch of 14 shields decorated with patriotic Union Jacks and English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish emblems. Made of plaster and with a painted and gilded finish these are unique and beautiful decorative items. We are told that the union jack shields – of which there are six – were made ready for the coronation of King George V in 1911. There is a label on the reverse of one which has a date of 1910. The others may…

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Welcoming our New Team Member at Ashby Interiors

We are pleased to introduce Lorna, our new team member.  As a small business, it is essential that any new recruit can be able to work on a wide variety of tasks and this is certainly true of Lorna who is proving a great asset in the following areas of the business - Sourcing new stock - on the lookout for vintage holophanes   - Packing and despatch – it’s not been easy for me to trust someone else to carefully pack the vintage opaline lights we sell! -Updating the website with…

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Updated Privacy Statement

At Ashby Interiors, we have always respected the importance of our customer’s privacy. With the recent introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) We have updated our privacy policy to reassure both our past and future customers.   When you browse our site, we do not collect personal information about you. The only way we receive any kind of personal information (such as name, address, email address, telephone number) is if you place an order via our online shop or ask us for a shipping quote. We do not share…

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Art Deco Chrome – A few facts

At Ashby Interiors many of the lights and lamps we sell are from the Art Deco period with chrome fittings. We all familiar with chrome but how much do we really know about it?   It became hugely popular in the Art Deco era and chrome plated decorative items became synonymous with style and good looks. It was resistant to rust, easy to clean and has a brilliant luxury shine.   Hidden beneath the silver appearance of the chrome plate on your Art Deco lamp is usually brass base metal.…

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Royal Aircraft Factory BE12 Propeller For Sale

Our latest wooden propeller is exciting because it is the earliest aeronautical piece we have acquired!   This laminated mahogany propeller is from a 1917 WWI Royal Aircraft Factory BE12 aircraft built in Farnborough, Hampshire. This single-seat aircraft was primarily designed for use in reconnaissance and bombing – not as a fighter as it had limited manoeuvring capability.   However, notable success stories of this aircraft include the shooting down of the Zepellin L48 in 1917 by a Home Defence B12.   The only BE12 Ace on record was Captain Gilbert…

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A History of Vintage Holophane Lighting

As the trend for industrial lighting continues, vintage Holophane’s popularity has grown.   Otis A Mygatt founded The Holophane Company in London in 1896 and the Holophane Glass Company in New York in 1898. Using a recently patented prismatic glass which refracted light enabling maximum illumination from a low wattage bulb with very little glare.  It revolutionised the practicality of glass lighting.   The word Holophane comes from the Greek words ‘Holos’ and ‘Phainein’ translated ‘to appear completely luminous’   The clever phrase ‘illumineering’ was coined…   These handsome lights…

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Churchill’s ‘Darkest Hour’ – Brightened up by some Amazing Lighting

We went to see 'Darkest Hour' last week which told the story of Churchill's battle to win over the British public and the government as he came to power shortly after the start of World War II. We both really enjoyed the film and couldn't help but notice that our lighting range contained a number of lights which were in the film, namely Holophane pendants and industrial wall lights. So, if you wanted to get the 'Darkest Hour' look have a browse in our lighting range.  All our lighting is…

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