Good Customer Service and a bit of trumpet-blowing!

Good Customer ServiceThis photo was sent to us recently by a customer of ours to show her beautiful light installed in her London townhouse.  I have to say that her genuine thanks for our help in fulfilling her precise requirements made my day and affirmed that we are doing ok and that doing ok is so much more than just the bottom line on the monthly sales figure!

I thought I’d spend a few minutes talking about Good Customer Service and why it’s so important to us at Ashby Interiors.  I love good customer service as much as everyone else.  It feels old fashioned in a good way.  It sticks in your mind and makes you feel valued and I like that…

Of course, as a small business we know that happy customers will hopefully become regular customers.   Happy customers may recommend us to their friends and colleagues and word of mouth is far more valuable than money thrown at magazine adverts  – yes we’ve tried that!

But more than anything, it makes me happy to receive an email, a text or a phone call from a more than satisfied customer thanking us for not just the beautiful item they have purchased but for our willingness to customise an order especially for them or taking extra effort to get it just right.

Harry Selfridge coined the phrase ‘The Customer is always right’.  It’s as famous now as when he first said it.   Of course, things don’t go to plan 100% of the time and it’s on the rare occasions when something isn’t quite right that you go into over-drive to resolve a problem ASAP.

So, at the risk of blowing our own trumpet, I thought I’d share with you a few comments we’ve received recently.

‘I’m loving my new lights!!!!  Thank you, thank you, they are amazing and perfect’ (Ed – Shropshire)

 ‘I’ve just unwrapped the lights & just wanted to say they are things of beauty…i love them!’ (Angela – Essex)

 ‘Your personalised and helpful emails and customer service throughout the process was superb and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you’ (Julia – London)

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