Updated Privacy Statement

privacyAt Ashby Interiors, we have always respected the importance of our customer’s privacy. With the recent introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) We have updated our privacy policy to reassure both our past and future customers.


When you browse our site, we do not collect personal...

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Art Deco Chrome – A few facts

chrome art deco lamp

At Ashby Interiors many of the lights and lamps we sell are from the Art Deco period with chrome fittings. We all familiar with chrome but how much do we really know about it?


It became hugely popular in the Art Deco era and...

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Royal Aircraft Factory BE12 Propeller For Sale

DSC_7009 p

Our latest wooden propeller is exciting because it is the earliest aeronautical piece we have acquired!


This laminated mahogany propeller is from a 1917 WWI Royal Aircraft Factory BE12 aircraft built in Farnborough, Hampshire. This single-seat aircraft was primarily designed for use in reconnaissance and bombing –...

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A History of Vintage Holophane Lighting

DSC_7354 pAs the trend for industrial lighting continues, vintage Holophane’s popularity has grown.


Otis A Mygatt founded The Holophane Company in London in 1896 and the Holophane Glass Company in New York in 1898. Using a recently patented prismatic glass which refracted light enabling maximum illumination from...

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