Now Fitting Restored Art Deco Lighting with Screw in Bulb Fittings

Art Deco LightingAt Ashby Interiors we like to listen to our customers.  We specialise in restored Art Deco Opaline Glass lighting and usually install bayonet fittings into our pendant lights.  However, we have had several requests recently for screw in bulbs.


We are all looking to reduce the cost of our utility bills and If you are looking at lower energy/longer life bulbs for your pendant light, these are most often sold with a screw-in fitting.


Most of our lighting is restored to our customer specifications, so wherever possible, we would now like to offer you the choice of fittings – Bayonet or Screw in.   After all, it is you who will be buying the bulbs to illuminate your beautiful light…


In doing this, we will be enabling our restored Art Deco lighting to be introduced to the wonders of the latest low energy and long life light bulbs whether that is Compact Fluorescents or LED.  Old meets new – the best of both worlds.


For those of you who would like some more information on the different bulb types, I will be writing about that in a separate blog very soon.


If you have any questions about lighting from our range, give me a call on 07525 773614 or contact me at

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