Polished Brass Gallery vs Aged Brass – It’s Your Choice


aged brassAs you can see from our range, many of our original Art Deco Lights have beautiful brass galleries which are either polished brass or aged-darkened brass.


Which looks best?  Well this is just a matter of personal choice.  Some people just love the warm glow of polished brass while others much prefer the darker aged patina.  It can make quite a big difference to the appearance of the light when installed and of course, you may also be looking to match other lights or accessories in a room.


Take a look at the before and after photos which show a pair of brass galleries.  The one on the right has been aged using antiquing solution.  This was done at the request of a customer who loved the lights but not the polished brass finish…


So, if you see a light in our range with a polished gallery, remember this can be given that aged-darkened patina.  We have perfected our technique and can give a variety of shades and finishes depending on your requirements.


Of course,  whether you choose polished or antiqued brass, the chain and ceiling plate we supply free of charge with your order will match.


We are always happy to customise orders for our customers to ensure that they are 100% happy with the light.


If you wanted to discuss the antiquing process or a light you are interested in from our range please give me a call on 07525 773614 or email info@ashbyinteriors.co.uk

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