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Rolls-Royce Dart Engine Nozzle Box Coffee Table – Commissioned Piece

'We commissioned Martin and Rachel to transform this Rolls Royce Dart Nozzle Box in to this stunning table. The overall design of the  product is a result of a fantastic balance of advise and suggestions from Martin and Rachel and their kindness and patience listening to my suggestions. Throughout the project Rachel kept in close...

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brass marine Bulkhead Lamps

"I've just unwrapped the lights & just wanted to say they are things of beauty...i love them! Thanks so very much for all of your help with the purchase."

These brass lamps were beautiful and absolutely flew out the door.  We love to leave the original patina intact wherever possible and it's great when customer's appreciate that...

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Vintage Fire Extinguisher – urgent delivery requested

"Rachel,  an extra big thank you, I received the extinguisher today. Great service!!!!"

This small decorative item was actually purchased by someone who worked within the fire prevention industry.


Our customer contacted us prior to purchase asking for an urgent delivery.  We always post our stock promptly but sometimes a customer will need something urgently and when...

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