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View our current selection of antique ceiling lights below. You can buy online… but we would love for you to visit our amazing antique shop where you can browse our selection of ceiling lights for yourself.

Every antique ceiling light or unique piece has a story to tell. And we are so passionate about our collection, we would love to talk to you about it! We have a showroom based in Melbourne, Derbyshire. But if that’s a bit far for you, browse our collection online and give us a call. If it’s aeronautical memorabilia you are interested in, ask for Martin. If it’s the unique and quirky, ask for Rachel. And as for the person who knows just about everything about every product we have – it has to be Lorna!

We love the extraordinary; the quirky; the unique and the captivating. And all of our range has been personally sourced by us – with a story behind every piece! Get in touch today!

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