Clock made from Tornado Bomber Titanium Ring – SOLD

Clock - Tornado Bomber

Product Description

Here we have an elegant clock made from a Rolls-Royce Titanium Transonic Diffuser – beautiful, delicate and precision machined titanium transonic diffuser used within a small gas turbine engine. The titanium transonic diffuser is part of the impeller that sucks and squeezes the air… All gas turbine engines work on the principal of:


This titanium transonic diffuser is exposed to extreme heat, which is why it is made from titanium.

This small gas turbine engine (the  Auxiliary Power Unit) is fitted to the “Tornado” bomber “Multi Role Combat Aircraft” (MRCA).  The APU’s are gas turbine engines used primarily during aircraft ground operation to provide electricity, compressed air, and/or shaft power for main engine start, air conditioning, electric power and other aircraft systems. APUs can also provide backup electric power during in-flight operation.

The clock mechanism is a German made Quartz Clock Movement.  This is set into a recess on the reverse side.

The frame of the clock is made from seasoned medium oak which has been waxed. The clock face has four aerospace aluminium rivets positioned at 12, 3, 6 & 9  o’clock.

This is a wall mounted clock with a fixed hook on the back for ease of mounting. Supplied with a AA-Battery.

Size is 28cm square and around 3cm deep.

A fascinating and unique clock for anyone with an interest in aviation or aerospace.  



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