Illuminated Pedestal Table – Upcycled Nickel Military Rocket Flame Guide Tube

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Product Description

A completely unique pedestal table.  Made from a military rocket flame guide tube which features interesting cut outs perfect for illumination.


With this in mind and for an extra eye catching feature, we have fitted a battery operated remote LED pack to the underside of the top.  This can be set to a wide choice of colours and settings to provide a light show.


This item has been cleaned and  lightly polished to ensure that it retains the raw upcycled look.  Part numbers are clearly visible in places.


See the full effect via our short You Tube Clip here

The circular top is made of polished aluminium and is fixed in place with screws around the top edge.  This can be easily removed to access the light and battery.


Please note that rechargeable batteries are supplied along with a charging unit.


Size 78cm high.  Diameter of top 24cm.  Diameter of base 38cm.  Weight approx 15kg.


If you live outside of the United Kingdom and are interested in buying this item, please email us and we will be happy to obtain a postage estimate for you.

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