Original WW11 German Luftwaffe JUMO 211 Junker 88 Aero Engine

Original WW11 German Luftwaffe JUMO 211 Junker 88 Aero Engine


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A genuine WW11 Luftwaffe JUMO engine from a crashed Junker JU88: Damage can be seen from the photographs attached – The Supercharger at the rear of the engine was broken off during the crash (Common in nearly all crashed engines) this has been temporarily re-fitted. The original fuel injection unit is present and can be mounted back in its original position, as you can see the sump and cam covers are missing (Broken in the crash).


Most of the damage is to the front of the engine with the reduction gear missing.


Jumo 211 V12 Engine JU88A-4 Werke No 301522


Crashed on 21/22nd March 1944


The night of 21/22 of March 1944 saw around 95 German Luftwaffe aircraft sent to attack London.


More information regarding the history of this specific engine is available on request.


The Junkers Ju 88 was one of the most versatile and effective combat aircraft of World War II. Its closest counterparts on the Allied side were the Mosquito and Beaufighter. The German aircraft was larger and slower, but nevertheless very effective. 14,676 were built, including a staggering 104 prototypes for its 60 different versions.

Like the Mosquito, the Ju 88 originated as a fast bomber. In 1935 the Luftwaffe had a requirement for a so-called Schnellbomber, which should have a speed of 500km/h with 800kg of bombs. This was much faster than the biplane fighters that then equipped the German fighter units; it was even faster than the first models of the Bf 109 monoplane fighter. For this ambitious goal Henschel proposed the Hs 127, Messerschmitt the Bf 162, and Junkers submitted the designs Ju 85 and Ju 88. Later the Bf 162 achieved some fame when it appeared on German propaganda postcards, but this was disinformation, and the real winner was the Ju 88.


**Please note, this engine is NOT flight-worthy.  Sold as as aircraft salvage item for collectors.**

Item is genuine aero salvage and not a reproduction


Please enquire prior to purchase.  Viewings welcome by arrangement.  We are happy to arrange specialist shipping on your behalf and would be happy to request a price for you.


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