Original WW11 P51 Mustang Merlin Engine

Original WW11 P51 Mustang Merlin engine


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An original WW11 P51 Mustang Merlin Engine that unfortunately crashed (Described below).


This engine crashed with damage to the front of the engine.  The reduction gear and case always break away from the body of the engine, this engine impacted the ground breaking off the engine mounts… The front of the engine right hand side also suffered damage, obviously the sump was completely smashed and the supercharger where it hangs below the engine has broken away.


The reduction gear and original four bladed propeller hub are included in the sale, although damaged are repairable and could be mounted back on the engine supported on the frame.


The engine still has its spark plugs and plug leads intact – Please view the photographs, you are welcome to view the engine.


TIKA 1V P51D Mustang 44-13357 Packard Merlin  374th Fighter Squadron 361st Fighter Group


Accident: 16th November 1944


This aircraft crashed shortly after take off, from Little Waldron for a area support mission to Aachen on 17th November 1944. It crashed at Kelsall near Royston, the initial report stated that there was no trace of the pilot at the scene raising hopes that 2nd Lieutenant Alfred B Cook had been able to bale out.

However examination of the wreckage revealed that he had been killed in the crash. His body was recovered and is buried at Madingly cemetery.


This aircraft was named Tika 1V by its previous pilot but when it was reassigned to Cook he renamed it “Sailor Gal Sal”


TIKA IV’ flown here by Lt. Vernon R. Richards (Later became a Ace pilot)- serial 44-13357, was later passed to Lt. Alfred B Cook & renamed ‘Sailor Girl Shirl’. Lt. Cook and plane were lost in a training accident 16th Nov’ 1944. **


Lt Cook was very unlucky he tried to belly the Mustang on what he thought was a flat field in fact was a inclined slope. The Mustang buried itself only a few feet deep, it had lost a propeller in flight.


The 361st Fighter Group was the last P-47 Thunderbolt Group to join the Eighth Air Force. Between 21 January 1944 and 20 April 1945, the Group flew 441 missions, the majority in an escort role in support of bombers flying over occupied Europe. The Group also carried out dive-bombing missions of strategic targets in support of the Normandy invasion and battles being fought by ground forces moving eastwards. The Group also sent a detachment to France to support the Battle of the Bulge (December 1944 to January 1945).


**Please note, this engine is  NOT flight-worthy.  It is sold as a aircraft salvage item for collectors.**


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