Set of Vintage Dunlop Travel Map Cards in Wallet – SOLD

Vintage Dunlop Map Book
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Product Description

Are you any good at map reading?

Of course now we have the Sat Nav which usually works a charm and is much better than trying to wrestle with a huge map which firstly covers the whole windscreen and secondly is impossible to fold up correctly.

Here we have compact little map cards from Dunlop which were neatly numbered and fit into their own little leather-trimmed wallet.  A perfect answer to map-folding nightmares.   How refined and organised!  These were probably kept in the glove box of a classic car and used for Sunday driving excursions…

There are 13 double sided cards which cover the whole of the British Isles showing the main routes.  One of the most interesting things is to see just how out of date it is – so don’t throw away that Sat Nav…

If you live outside of the United Kingdom and are interesting in buying this item, please email us and we will be happy to obtain a postage estimate for you.

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