Vintage Asian Brass Street Vendor Noodle Cart with Warmer


£195.00 £135.00


This vintage item is made of brass and is of Asian origin.  It would have been used for serving mobile street food - most likely noodles.


The base area which is accessible by a lift up tray would have been a warmer.  The side panels are glass to enable you to see the goods.  The front section opens via two doors with a hook fastener.  The top section features a recessed shelf.


The ideal use for the this in the home would be for candles which would be displayed beautifully behind the four glass panels and/or on the top.


An unusual item and certainly something we havent seen before...perfect if you are creating an oriental look in your home/retail setting.


The brass finish has been left untouched and has a weathered finish.

Overall height 69cm.  Width 37cm.  Depth 31cm.


If you live outside of the United Kingdom and are interested in buying this item, please email us and we will be happy to obtain a postage estimate for you.

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