Wooden WWI Propeller from RFC/RAF Bristol BE2 E (20019) SOLD


Wooden WWI Propeller from RFC/RAF Bristol BE2 E

Wooden propeller’s from World War I are very popular with aviation enthusiasts as decorative items in the home.   They symbolise a time when aviation was still new and when aircraft building and aeronautical development was seen as a wondrous thing strictly reserved for the rich and  as a new tactic in warfare.

The Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2 was a British single-engine tractor two-seat biplane designed and developed at the Royal Aircraft Factory. Around 3,500 were manufactured in all.

Early versions of the B.E.2 entered squadron service with the Royal Flying Corps in 1912; the type continued to serve throughout the First World War. It was initially used as a front-line reconnaissance aircraft and light bomber.  Modified as a single seater  it proved effective as a night fighter.

The propeller serial number 8676 was part of contract 87/A/571/AEC which was supplied to the RFC on 16 May 1917.

To help retain the originality of this piece of antique aviation history, this propeller has only been lightly cleaned and waxed.  The wooden surface, painted tip and original badge show great patina.

Size.  171 cm high. Base measures 52cm x 14cm.

Badge reads ‘Bristol propeller built by the British Colonial Airplane Company Ltd Bristol England.’

Mounted onto a simple aluminium base which enables this lovely item to be displayed to the full.

Size 172cm high.

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