WWI Original Wooden propeller Blade from Royal Aircraft Factory BE12 Aircraft SOLD

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Product Description

A wooden propeller can make a beautiful sculptural item.


This laminated mahogany propeller is from a Royal Aircraft Factory RFC BE12 and  includes the hub section which has had a support added to the base to enable it to self-stand for display purposes.


The paint finish has been left untouched with the exception of a coat of wax polish to give shine and protection.


The propeller has the following markings


200hp Hispano-Suiza AB6238.  This is a drawing number authorised by the Air Board for BE12.  D3080 is the diameter.  P2650 is the pitch.  G486 is the batch number indicating that a contract was placed for 100 of these propellers in the last few months of 1917.  Most propellers for the BE12 carry drawing numbers from the Royal Aircraft Factory which began with the letter ‘T’.  Most BE12 aircraft used the 150hp Royal Aircraft Factory 4 engine.  Therefore this propeller with an Air Board drawing number and a Hispano engine is very unusual.


Size 165cm high.  20cm deep




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