WWII 02A Aircraft Compass – used in Lancaster and Halifax Bombers (20092) – SOLD

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WWII 02A Aircraft Compass

This model was used in Lancaster and Halifax Bombers and still has the original grey painted Air Ministry wooden box

The O.2.A. is a table or pedestal mounted compass used by an aircraft observer. The compass bowl contains the rotating compass card. The azimuth circle is affixed to the compass body, and is released by unlocking (by turning) the toggle and sliding a small brass piece along its rim, which lifts a metal retaining peg from its hole. The circle is then rotated to place its glass mirrored prism toward a navigational target, such as the sun (with care taken to raise the darkened lenses). The direction of that target is then viewed through the prism, being reflected upward from the floating compass card.  The text on the compass card is reversed so that it is legible in the prism mirror. The mounting bracket is located on the bottom of the compass. There is a small round bubble/spirit level on the azimuth circle to ensure that the compass is mounted on level.

In working order.  A brass stand on a wooden plinth has been made which the compass can slot onto.  This enables it to be desk mounted out of the box if wished.

Size – on the stand 20cm high.  17cm diameter.  Box measures 23cm x 23cm x 27cm

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