Royal Aircraft Factory BE12 Propeller For Sale

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Our latest wooden propeller is exciting because it is the earliest aeronautical piece we have acquired!


This laminated mahogany propeller is from a 1917 WWI Royal Aircraft Factory BE12 aircraft built in Farnborough, Hampshire. This single-seat aircraft was primarily designed for use in reconnaissance and bombing – not as a fighter as it had limited manoeuvring capability.


However, notable success stories of this aircraft include the shooting down of the Zepellin L48 in 1917 by a Home Defence B12.


The only BE12 Ace on record was Captain Gilbert W M Green of No. 17  Squadron who shot down several enemy aircraft in Salonika Greece.


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Sadly there are no known original BE12 aircraft in existence today.


This light weight propeller makes a great display item with such an interesting story attached to it. It stands on its hub assisted by a support to enable it to self-stand.

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