Rolls-Royce Dart Engine Nozzle Box Coffee Table – Commissioned Piece

'We commissioned Martin and Rachel to transform this Rolls Royce Dart Nozzle Box in to this stunning table. The overall design of the  product is a result of a fantastic balance of advise and suggestions from Martin and Rachel and their kindness and patience listening to my suggestions. Throughout the project Rachel kept in close contact, letting us know how everything was going. We are very impressed to see the level of work put in to the project and the attention to detail in the finish of the piece. The end product is beyond our expectations and we give Martin and Rachel our highest recommendation. If thinking about commissioning a piece, we definitely suggest doing it; you will achieve something stunning and very competitively priced compared to the market.'

Having seen an item we sold at auction in London, we were contacted by a lady asking if she could commission a table from us.  following a visit to our workshop and selection of an appropriate piece, we worked closely with her to ensure that we designed a table which matched her vision.  When working on a commission, we like to send weekly updates to customers showing progress notes and photos.  This not only helps keep them informed but builds the inevitable excitement which leads up to delivery of the finished article.