That Wing Tip Photo!

IMG_6427Why is the Wing Tip Photo such a popular shot?  I noticed recently when selecting my seat at online check in that it even notified me that this was a perfect seat to get a great Wing Tip Photo…


I guess that even after all these years, most of us still get a thrill from air travel and after all that wing is holding an engine and helping us to stay aloft and soaring through the air.  Then there’s that blue sky…


Boeing 737’s will be used to convey millions of us on our summer getaways this year.   I took this wing tip photo on a Boeing 737 on the way to Crete last month.  Martin pointed out the wing flap as we have recently used a salvaged one to create our polished aluminium 737 table. DSC_4169 p



Holidays are amazing in so many ways but I hope you agree with me when I say that Home is Where the Heart is.  If Aerospace is close to your heart, take a look at our Ashby Aero range for unique items of aero salvage to decorate and furnish your home, office or retail setting.


We welcome bespoke commissions and have a huge amount of aero salvage, some from rare vintage aircraft.


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