VW Camper Van Bars

If you haven’t been able to visit our shop then you may not have seen our iconic VW campervan bars! 

Home bars and entertaining at home are increasingly popular and these are great fun as well as looking so smart.  Made to order and in a wide range of colours.

These bars are made using a genuine VW campervan front panel.  Fitted with shelving to the back and a mini fridge.  To add to the fun, the headlamps light up and there is even a very loud hooter. We can also supply matching stools with VW stitched into the seat.

The VW bars are manufactured and sold by https://sunbeamcrafts.co.uk/  We no longer have them as we have closed our shop now to return to online selling only.  If you contact Sean directly, he will be able to help you with your query.

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