We have Christened our Opaline Glass Lights!

IMG_6750 pWe are proud to say that we now have one of the largest ranges of restored Art Deco Opaline White Glass lighting in the UK.


However, this has given us the slight problem of how to describe our lighting on our web site.  There are so many different variations to the Opaline glass shades on our chapel lights, the tulips and the globe lights.  There is also a huge variety amongst the galleries whether these are in brass, copper or chrome.

Each light really does have its own personality and so we decided to effectively christen each variety by giving them a name.  This name will be incorporated into the title on our web site and make it easier for us to recognise which light our customers are referring to.IMG_6755 p


 We really hope you like this idea, it should make life a little easier for both you and us and it’s also a bit of fun.

Don’t forget that as well as having an extensive range of restored original Art Deco lighting, we specialise in customising the wiring to your exact specification so be bold when choosing the colour of cable and bring out the personality of your light even more.

for lighting enquiries, please call Rachel on 07525 773614 or email



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