White Glass Lighting – the Perfect Choice

White Glass Lighting – the Perfect Choice

Why is white glass lighting so popular?  Well it really is the perfect choice for so many settings.

White glass lights, opaline lights, milk glass – call it what you like, it continues to hold its popularity in both commercial and residential settings.  It matches any colour scheme and  stands out well against a darker wall.  White glass lighting allows a good level of light to be emitted without any glare.  It can be matched with brass, copper or chrome to pick up on the décor in the room.

Original Art Deco white glass comes in all shapes and sizes.  New production techniques allowed mass production which resulted in white glass being used in many public buildings.  The traditional chapel light was not just used in churches and church halls but also schools, libraries and offices.   

We have many different shapes and sizes of chapel light or school house lights as they are often called.  It really is a classic style with the curved outline varying from one to another.  Some may even boast a little extra detail with a brass finial or occasionally an embossed pattern.

Geometric opaline pendant lights were very popular in the Art Deco period and are just as popular now selling out very quickly indeed because clean lines and geometric shapes never go out of style.

White glass globe lights combined with brass fittings will always be synonymous with the brasserie look and gives off an atmospheric and  eye catching silhouette.  Smaller white glass shades can also be added to a brass chandelier for a classic look which will never date. Globe lights are perfect for a kitchen, hung in rows over an island for example.

Now let’s talk about the tulip shade, indeed they are shaped like the flower with a gentle curve, an oval shape and an opening underneath. 

Which style do you prefer?  We are always happy to discuss your requirements and to customise finish and fittings to get the perfect lighting for your project.

Because we specialise in white glass lighting, we have devoted a category on our online shop to them.   You can link directly here to our OPALINE GLASS category

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