Where to put your mirrors to get the most out of them

Where to put your mirrors to get the most out of them

When decorating your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, you’ll need to understand how to harness the power of mirrors and the impact they can have on a room. Mirrors are there for more than just a practical feature bringing more light into a room or for you to check your reflection but can be a feature that can bring character and charm into a room.
Below are some tips on where to put your mirrors to get the most out of them.

Dark or dimly lit rooms

Do you have a dark room that doesn’t give much natural light? Positioning your mirror opposite or next to your window will ensure the natural light rays bounce off the mirrors and brighten up a dark or dimly lit room.

Make a small room seem bigger.

If decorating a small room, a carefully placed mirror on the largest wall to bounce the light around the room can create the illusion of a larger space. Don’t be afraid to get a large mirror for a small room. You may think it will enclose the area, but it will have the opposite effect due to the amount of light reflected in the room.

Are you missing a focal point to your room?

For rooms that don’t have a natural focal point, like a fireplace, to position your furniture around, why not try and create your own with a decorative mirror (or mirrors)? Frame it with some wall lighting and create a cosy ambience to relax in.

When hanging your mirrors, especially those large and heavy-designed mirrors, hang them securely using a solid picture hanging wire and hooks. For additional strength, support, and peace of mind, you may want to double up on the picture hooks so as not to find your mirror in pieces all over your floor one day.
For those large mirrors, you don’t want to hang but lean against a wall, make sure they’re propped up correctly and aren’t in any walkway that you or your visitors can trip and cause it to fall.

Mirrors have very few places where they can’t be helpful. If you’re thinking of creating a feature wall for your room, look at our decorative mirrors that will bring some character and charm to your home.

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